Customizing FollowFox Pro -- An Overview (Pro Users)

These features are available in FollowFox Pro only.

FollowFox Pro is very customizable and can fit your needs in many ways. You can customize everything from how dates are formatted to specialized fields for your contacts.


From the Main Menu select Customize, then tap/click Preferences. You can change how FollowFox Pro looks and behaves in a variety of ways. For example, you can create custom fields or the default date that is entered when you schedule a followup

Contact Types

Contact Types allow you to place contacts into custom groups. This lets you group your contacts the way you want to.

Custom Contact Fields

You may find the default FollowFox fields for contacts aren't enough. Custom Fields allow you to create new fields for your contacts. You can add text fields, new email address fields, date fields, check boxes, or even dropdown lists.

Email and Text Templates

FollowFox provides a quick way to send emails to contacts using the email button next to a contact email address. You can create template emails that allow you to send little, personalized emails to contacts with the click of a button.


When you add a followup to a contact, you usually enter a Method, Tool, and Note to record. Each of these fields is customizable, under the Customize menu option.

Quick Notes

Quick Notes allow to to save frequently phrases or snippets of text for insertion into theNotes field in your followups.

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