Get To Know Your Data With Analytics!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Announcing a brand new feature just for FollowFox Pro users!

Screenshots of FollowFox CRM

All FollowFox Pro users have a new Analytics menu item! As a Pro user, you now get instant access to a variety of insightful reports about your business and performance. View customer and team member conversions, followup trends, and information on tools and followup types. Each report contains in-depth information that helps you follow up with prospects more efficiently, allowing you to spend less time thinking about following up and more time growing your business!

FollowFox CRM Analytics Overview


The Conversions report shows how many customers and team members have become customers or joined your sales team. It also contains ratios that explain how many first attempts, followups, persons reached, and tools it took to convert a prospect.

FollowFox CRM Analytics Conversions Report


FollowFox's primary focus and philosophy has always been on intentional followups. The Followups report gives you a good look at your followup habits and trends - from how many people you initiate contact with to how many you follow up with.

FollowFox CRM Analytics Followups Report

Followup Types

The Followup Types report shows you information on the methods you use to follow up, and their success. Use this report to find how often you send Text Messages, for instance, and how effective they are in reaching your prospects.

FollowFox CRM Analytics Followup Types Report


Many networking and sales companies use tools (brochures, videos, samples, etc.) to sell and recruit. Are you using the tools of your trade? The Tools report shows you which tools you use the most and their effectiveness.

FollowFox CRM Analytics Tools Report

As with everything in FollowFox, Analytics was created with mobile in mind. It works fantastically on your phone.

Check your data on the go with FollowFox Analytics, today!