How Do I Create Additional Contact Types? (Pro Users)

This feature is available in FollowFox Pro only.

FollowFox Pro allows you to create an unlimited number of custom Contact Types. With it's powerful search and filtering capabilities, you can use these additional Contact Types to organize your data in new and clever ways.

The possibilities, as we always say, are endless (or at least, really, really big)!

For example, rather than a catch-all Prospects type, create a separate type for each timezone: Prospects - PST, Prospects - EST, etc, which you can quickly filter on when you're making your followup calls so you never call a prospect too early or too late. Or, maybe you want to organize your Team Members by geographic area (like Team - Local and Team - Not so Local).

It's Easy

To start adding your own Contact Types, select Customize from the main menu, then tap/click the Contact Types box.

Tap/click the Add Contact Type button   Add Contact Type (if using a desktop) or select Add Contact Type from the context menu ( ) if you're using a phone.

Enter your new Contact Type in the box provided and tap/click the Save button Save.

That's all there is to it! (We told you it was easy :-)