How Do I Create Custom Fields? (Pro Users)

This feature is available in FollowFox Pro only.

Custom Fields allow you to expand FollowFox to fit your business by creating new text fields, checkboxes, and even dropdowns, for your contacts. Create your own custom fields to include additional data in your contact profiles.

Creating a Custom Field

To start adding your own Custom Fields, select Customize from the main menu, then tap/click the Custom Fields box.

Tap/click the Add Custom Field button   Add Custom Field (if using a desktop) or select Add Custom Field from the context menu ( ) if you're using a phone.

Assign your new field a Name, a Field Type, and optionally, a Group:

Field Types

The following field types are available:

  • text
  • checkbox
  • dropdown - see notes below.
  • date
  • phone - see notes below.
  • email


  • After creating a dropdown list, you'll be able to add values to the list by tapping/clicking on the Dropdown Values icon   left of the Field Group column on the custom fields list.
  • The Phone and Email field types are special. If you don't assign them to a group, FollowFox will automatically place them under the Contact Information group. This means they gain the functionality of the built-in phone, text, and email fields, with call  , text  , and email  , buttons on your mobile device. Of course, if you want to place them in a custom group, you're free to do so.

    Field Groups

    Field groups allow you to group your fields so you can organize them how you see fit. If you don't assign a field to a group, it will be automatically placed in a Custom Fields group. Like everything else in FollowFox, your groups will automatically resize and fit nicely on the device you're using.

      With FollowFox, you own your data. Custom Fields are also exported when you run a contact export report.