How Do I Import Contacts? (Pro Users)

This feature is available in FollowFox Pro only.

FollowFox Pro allows you to import data from a variety of CRM and contact management programs, including Act!, Google, Microsoft Outlook to name a few. We've designed the process to be simple. A little preparation ahead of time will help ensure your success.

  While there's no limit to the number of contacts you can import, for reasons that will become apparent later, we recommend you start out by using just a few contacts (2 or 3) for your first couple of imports. We also recommend a desktop or laptop computer to do this.

Preparing Your Data For Import

In order to import your contacts into FollowFox Pro you'll need to provide them in a specially formatted text file, where each record is on a single line and each field in each record is separated by commas. This is commonly referred to as a comma delimited, or CSV file. The CSV file is created when you export your contacts from another program.

Make sure that the name of each field is included in the very first line of the file (also known as a header).

Here's an example of what a properly formatted file looks like:

NameInformal NameAddressZipCompany
George Bluth Old Bear Prison 92660 Bluth Company
George Michael Bluth Mister Manager Newport 92660 Banana Stand
Tobias Fünke Actor Newport 92660 Gobias Industries


Note: FollowFox Pro uses a single field for Name. This allows us to support the variety of naming conventions used internationally and simplifies your data entry. If your program uses separate First and Last Name fields instead of a single Name field, you'll need to merge those two fields into a single field before you importing. Explaining how to do this is beyond the scope of this article, but a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel will do the trick nicely.

Upload Your File

Select the file to import by clicking the Choose File button Choose File and selecting it. Once selected, the name of your file will appear adjacent to the button as confirmation. Click the Continue button Continue.

Map Your Fields

The next step is to assign (or map) the fields in your CSV file to FollowFox Pro's fields. You'll need to do this for each field in your file to make sure that they're properly associated with the right FollowFox Pro field. If there's no corresponding field in your file to a particular FollowFox Pro field, just leave it unmapped.

  Tip: You can save a lot of post-import editing by mapping your data file's First Name field to FollowFox's Informal Namefield.

Note: Displayed at the top of the screen is the number of records FollowFox Pro believes it's found in your file. If that number doesn't match the number of records you know to be in your file, then there's a problem with the file. The most common causes for a mismatch in the record count are missing field names in the first row or an improperly formatted data file (such as extra commas or missing quotation marks). Either way, it will need to be fixed before continuing.

Use the drop-down list next to each FollowFox Pro field name to select a corresponding field name from your file. If your file doesn't have a Notes field, but it does have a Miscellaneous field, you can tell FollowFox Pro to put the contents of the Miscellaneous field into the Notes field by mapping Miscellaneous to Notes using the drop-down list next to Notes.

Optional: To make sure that you don't import a name that already exists in your FollowFox data, check the Skip Duplicates box.

Optional: Choose a Contact Type to assign to the records you're importing. You may only assign one global Contact Type per import, so you'll want to make sure that all of the records in your file are just for that Contact Type. For example, if you have a list that contains both Prospects and Customers, you will want to break that up into two lists and import them separately. This way you can automatically assign to contacts in each of them the right Contact Type as they are imported.

After you're done, carefully review your selections. Once FollowFox Pro imports your contacts there's no undoing it (other than deleting every record you imported), so you'll want to make sure it's right before proceeding. Again, it's a good idea to practice a few times with just a few records until you get the hang of things. Once you're done checking (and double checking) your work, click the Continue button Continue.


Depending on the number of records in your file, it may take a few moments to import your data. Once done FollowFox Pro will display the total number of records successfully imported. If there were any problems with specific records, FollowFox will display the records it wasn't able to import.

  Make sure to print the errors list (if any) so you'll know which ones to fix and re-attempt import.

There you have it. Now you know what you need to know to become a record-importing Jedi Master!