How Do I Search?

Quick Search

FollowFox makes finding a specific contact easy. Use the Search Box to quickly locate one or more contacts based on the Name of the contact.

After searching, click on a name in the resulting list to jump immediately to that contact's profile. FollowFox will let you search on either a full or partial name. Here are some examples:

You Enter:FollowFox Responds With:
  G George Bluth
Gene Parmesan
GOB Bluth
Warden Gentiles
  M F Maeby Fünke
Mr. F
Mrs. Featherbottom
  Holt Steve Holt


If your contact isn't found (that is, it doesn't exist) Quick Search will display Add Contact button   Add Contact at the bottom of the search dropdown.

Advanced Search (Pro Users)

FollowFox Pro provides a more in-depth function via its Advanced Search. To access it, go to the Contacts List list page and tap/click the Advanced Search button   Advanced Search (if using a desktop) or select   Advanced Search from the context menu ( ) if you're using a phone.

The resulting Search Contacts page will display all of the fields in your FollowFox database, including any custom fields you may have created. Enter information into one or fields to find any contacts that match all of those criteria.

For example, you might want to have a birthday party for all your Team Members that live in Phoenix for the month of February. To find thoe Team members you fill out the following:

  • Is a team member - yes
  • Birthdate Month - February
  • City - Phoenix

Once you've entered your search criteria, tap/click the Search button Search. FollowFox Pro will display your results with each name linked to its Contact Profile. H3>Now That You Have Your Results, What Now?

There are 4 buttons that will be at the bottom of the screen:

Bulk Edit Print Export CSV Search Again 

Bulk Edit
Current Bulk Edit functions allow you to change the Contact Type for all found records en masse and/or change the Archive status. Important! There is no undo function on bulk edits, so make sure you really want to make those changes.

Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Produces a printable spreadsheet with your found records.

Export CSV
Exports your records to a comma-delimited file named contacts.csv. The file will be save in your browser's default Downloads folder.

Search Again
Basically, lather, rinse, and repeat . . .

Need more information?

  • Checkout the context help on the Search Contacts results page via the Help button   Help if you're using a desktop computer, or select   Help via the mobile context menu ( ).