How Do I Send Out Mass Emails?

FollowFox was designed for one-on-one interactions. As such, it doesn't support internally sent "mass emails". However, we understand there are times when it would be useful to send mail to multiple prospects, team members or customers. For those occasions, we recommend exporting your contact information and using one of the many specialized email services designed just for that purpose.

Services like Constant Contact and MailChimp can help you design emails, create campaigns, and broadcast to your list.

If you're a FollowFox Pro subscriber you can use our Advanced Search feature to find and export a specific subset of your contacts, for example, all customers whose Dates of Birth occur in February (my favorite month). This is particularly useful if you want to blast out a monthly newsletter or special announcement.

So, even though technically you can't, un-technically, you can. In a manner of speaking . . .