How Do I Use Filters?

You may view a contact and others like it by using the Filter function. This feature is available in both the Followups List and the Contact List pages. There are several designations that you may filter on to create a specific subset of records for your needs. These designations may be used individually, or in tandem with other designations.

To Use The Filter Function

Tap/click the Filter button   Filter (if using a desktop) or select   Filter from the context menu ( ) if you're using a phone.

From the Contact Type dropdown list, select the Contact Type you want to match. You may also choose to view archived records by ticking the Include Archived checkbox. Once you have made your selection(s), click the Filter button Filter.

Your list will now display only the contacts the match the selection(s) you've made. As an indication that you are viewing a filtered list instead of your entire list, the Filter button will be depressed (that is, pushed-down, not sad. It's actually a very happy button.. On a phone, the Filter icon will be highlighted  .

To get even more specific, you may also click the Customer   Customer and/or Team Member   Team Member buttons to display those contacts who have purchased a product or signed as a team member under you.

Note: FollowFox remembers your filtered selections, even if you log out. And, it remembers a separate filtered selection each for Followups and Contacts. If you can't see all of your Followups or Contacts when you log in, it is most likely because you have a filter in place, or a Customer/Team Member button depressed, or both.

  To view all of your Current Followups or Contacts, click the Filter button/icon, then click the Clear button. Make sure to toggle the Customer and/or Team Member button if either one of them is depressed, too.

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