Is FollowFox Really Free?

At FollowFox we believe you should be able to conduct as much business as you want without being punished for it. Unlike some services that charge more depending on the number of records associated with your account or how much you use their service, FollowFox does not. We even include our Fanatical Helpdesk Support should you ever need it.

No Limitations

There are no limits to the number of contacts you keep, the number of follow-ups you log, or the number of times or ways you access our service, or how many typos occur in your data. You may access your account from an unlimited number of devices, even simultaneously. This applies to all versions of FollowFox, even the one(s) we don't charge for.

That being said, FollowFox still can't make a good cup of cappuccino. For that matter, FollowFox Pro can't either, but we're working on it :-)

So, FollowFox is, and always will be, free! That means you and your team can start out right, with a tool designed from the ground up to help you succeed, and not pay a single dime to do so!

But, someone around here has to buy the groceries and pay the electric bill, so we also offer FollowFox Pro. It's intended for the top five-percenters who want to maximize their efforts and their effectiveness. If you're one of them, then FollowFox Pro is for you.

The Advantages That Come With FollowFox Pro

A FollowFox Pro subscription includes perpetual free updates. And, as a bonus, we promise to never increase the price for anyone who maintains their subscription. Of course, this policy doesn't include any special promotional pricing and coupons for one-time, massive discounts that we sometimes offer in a moment of weakness. (Let's not lose our heads, here.)

FollowFox Pro is $12 USD / month ($144 per year billed annually).

How many more sales or recruits will you need to make it worth spending less than 40 cents a day using FollowFox Pro's expanded capabilities? It's pretty simple math . . .

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