Log Your Followup

Wow! Now that you've got 1 or more contacts/followups under your belt, you'll want to follow through on your promise to followup with said persons. Afterwards, you can log your activity with FollowFox (rather than relying on committing it to memory) . . .

  If you haven't done so already, please log in to your FollowFox account before starting.

Log Your Followup

It's a great feeling after you've followed through on your followup. The hardest part has been done. Now for the fun!

  • Locate the contact that you want to log your followup. You can do this by either scrolling down the Followups list or doing a Quick Search. If you're just starting, it will be easy to find your contact's name in your list.
  • Tap/click the contact's name
  • Tap/click the Log Followup button   Log Followup (if you're using a desktop computer, or tap/click the Context Menu ( ), then select   Log Followup from the menu.
  • Enter the pertinent details (just like you did when you created the original followup appointment . . .)
  • If, on this attempt, you reached* your contact (they answered the phone, or replied to your text or email), check the Reached checkbox, otherwise leave it unchecked.
  • Tap/click the Save botton Save.
  • That's it! You've just successfully logged your followup activity.

Now, while it's fresh in your mind, go ahead and schedule the next followup for this contact.

  If you weren't able to reach your contact on this attempt, but later you hear back from them, make sure to go back to the contact's profile and edit the log entry for this followup in History list. This information is used for determining important performance ratios for your business.

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