Never Forget A Followup With Push Notifications!

Friday, May 05 2017

We're excited to announce that Push Notifications have finally arrived in FollowFox!
What's even better? They're available to both Free and Pro users!


Push notifications have been the most requested feature from our users to date, so we've worked hard to bring them into FollowFox. Because FollowFox is a web app, enabling web push notifications looks slightly different than it would with a native app on your phone. But, because it is a web app, push notifications are not limited to just your phone. They're available on both your phone and your desktop!

Enabling Web Push Notifications

Enabling web push notifications is easy. Open your favorite browser on the device you wish to receive notifications. This can be your desktop computer, laptop, or phone. Then, go to your FollowFox preferences settings and check the Push Notifications checkbox. A browser dialog will pop up and confirm you wish to receive notifications from FollowFox. After enabling, Save your profile, and you're done. You can receive push notifications on as many devices as you want!

Web Push Notification FAQs

Q: How many notifications will I receive?
A: You will receive a single notification for each scheduled Followup, at the time it's scheduled. If you have multiple followups scheduled at the same time (for example, in "the morning"), you will receive a single notification alerting you that you have multiple followups due.

Q: What happens if I uncheck the "Push notifications" checkbox in my profile?
A: Doing so will disable all notifications across all devices

Q: How do I disable notifications on my desktop, but not my phone?
A: To stop receiving notifications on your desktop computer, simply log out of FollowFox on your desktop. While you are logged out you will not receive notifications. Same goes for your phone!

Q: Do I need to have the website open to receive notifications?
A: Nope! Web Push Notifications operate in the background similar to regular push notifications.

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