What Happens When I Downgrade From FollowFox Pro?

You had a chance to use the cool, extra features that come with FollowFox Pro. Hopefully, you found yourself Doing More with them to grow your business. And yet, even after experiencing all that coolness, you've decided it just isn't worth the 40 cents a day to keep it going. We understand. (Well, actually we don't. But, we respect your decision just the same.)

What Will Happen When You Downgrade
Downgrading is as easy as the click of a button, but in the interest of full disclosure, and to make sure you are fully informed, we want to make sure you understand what you'll be giving up if you leave FollowFox Pro:

  • Contact Types: You will no longer be able to add/edit/use custom Contact Types. Any Contacts that are assigned to those existing Contact Types will remain assigned to them. However, you will not be able to assign any new Contacts to those Contact Types
  • Custom Fields: You will no longer be able to add/edit/use Custom Fields (including Field Groups). Any data entered into Custom Fields will still be accessible. However, you will not be able to edit existing data, or enter new data into existing Custom Fields. Data in Custom Fields will still be available to export.
  • Templates: Any email/text Templates you created while a Pro user will no longer be available for use.
  • Tools: You will no longer be able to add/edit/use any custom Tools you created. Any History logs which include a custom Tool will continue to show that Tool.
  • Analytics: The Analytics section will revert back to just a single overview graph. Detailed charts for Conversions, Rations, Followups, Tools, etc. will no longer be available.
  • Advanced Search: You will no longer be able to do Advanced Searches. Quick Searching for Contact Name will still be available.
  • Express Add: The Express Add form will no longer be available.
  • New Nifty Features: All the other great enhancements we have scheduled for FollowFox Pro users.

All Is Not Lost
As a FollowFox user, your data will always be safe. If you ever decide to come back to FollowFox Pro, all of the customizations and changes you made, and the data you added, will be right back where you left them -- like it never even happened.

We Want To Help
Lastly, if you're having difficulty using FollowFox Pro, or have had a particular issue (that is, complaint) about it, we want to know. And, we want to fix it if we can. Please don't hesitate to reach out to one of the Friendly Folks at FollowFox (support@followfox.com) and talk to us. We're here to help.