Will FollowFox Notify Me When Followups Are Due?

FollowFox and FollowFox Pro offer two ways to remind you to follow up.

Email Digest

You can request that a digest, or summary, of all of your current and past due followups be sent to the email address you have on record. This can be done daily, weekly or not at all. Depending on your Preferences settings, you can choose to receive them in the morning (9 PM), afternoon (1 PM), or evening (6 PM) in your selected Timezone.

  You'll only receive an email Digest if you haven't looked at your Followups list recently -- no need to remind you if you're already on top of things! :-)

Push Notifications

Web Push Notifications are supported in most modern browsers. However, there are still a few browsers that do not yet support Internet standards for push notifications. If your's is one of those then you will not be able to receive push notifications.

Unlike native apps, web push notifications are enabled on a by-browser basis. This means you can enable them on your desktop as well as your phone. To enable receiving any push notifications from FollowFox:

  • Check the Enable Push Notifications checkbox in your Preferences settings and save.
  • If push notifications have not been enabled on the browser you are on, you will be prompted by your browser to allow notifications.
  • Choose to allow them, and you will start receiving push notifications on that device!

  If you have already checked the Enable Push Notifications box and wish to enable notifications on a different device, log into FollowFox from that device and visit your Preferences page to receive the browser prompt. After allowing them, that's all you need to do. You'll start receiving push notifications there, too!

Troubleshooting Tips

If you've enabled Push Notifications, but are not receiving them, please check the following:

  • Are notifications for the browser you are using disabled? If so, you'll need to enable notifications.
  • Are notifications disabled on FollowFox (on the browser your are using)? If so, you'll need to enable notifications.
  • Double check. Is the Push Notifications checkbox in your FollowFox Preferences checked?
  • Did you visit the site on the device you want notifications on? Notifications must be enabled on using each device's method of enabling. This is in addition to making sure the checkbox in your FollowFox Preferences is checked.
  • Lastly, some browsers do not yet support push notifications. Specifically, iOS browsers (iPhone), do not support this Internet standard, yet. When they do, FollowFox's notifications will function properly.

For more information on this and related topics please see the following: